PublicEye Testimonials

PublicEye Features

Advanced User Interface

  • Map-centric user interface
  • Ergonomically designed for field use
  • Advanced object management with auto-culling
  • Extensible UI using applet architecture

Data Fusion Portal

Connector architecture to virtually any data source

  • Esri base map integration/ArcGIS
  • Social Media
  • ShotSpotter
  • IoT (Internet of Things)


Cloud or department hosted

Situational Awareness

  • Real-time alerts
  • Augmented Reality
  • Video surveillance (cameras, drones, etc.)
  • Nearby hazards
  • Real-time GPS locations of people, vehicles, etc..
  • Proximity based information (preplans, assets, events, etc.)
  • Social media integration


  • Text and video chatting
  • Message boards
  • Video broadcasting

Multi-jurisdiction Support

  • Intra-city (between police and fire)
  • Inter-city (mutual aid)
  • Public collaboration (between Public Safety and residents)
  • CAD agnostic

People calling 911




911 information


CAD + augmented data & alerts


First responders w/ cell phones & tablets

PublicEye Supports ESRI Maps

Not just for police, fire and EMS anymore

PublicEye now supports ESRI maps. This means that the cities can use maps customized by their GIS departments instead of the mobile OS supplied maps such as the Apple Maps.

PublicEye supports multiple ESRI maps that can be dynamically loaded into their phones or tablets by the first responders on an as needed basis. For example, in the case of a subway fire, a map of the city’s subway system can be loaded. This map could show nearest entry points, underground water resources, etc.

ESRI support is yet another feature that makes PublicEye useful to a whole new class of city workers beyond the traditional police, fire and EMS. Now the GIS, traffic enforcement, public works and other departments can benefit from easy access to maps they need in the field.

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