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Using PublicEye®, a public safety mobile app, on their phones, everyone in public safety from the police and fire chiefs to first responders can collaborate to perform their tasks. PublicEye helps the public safety community to serve their citizens better and safely by utilizing the power and ubiquity of the mobile phone.

The multi-jurisdiction capabilities of PublicEye enable collaboration between the city’s residents, its public safety departments as well as other municipal operations. This vision extends to neighboring jurisdictions working as a seamless unit with the potential of a single connected public safety ecosystem serving a whole region.

PublicEye combines 911-call information with situational awareness information and delivers it on a mobile phone or tablet through an easy to use map based user interface.

PublicEye is deployed a number of fire and police departments across the United States. It has been extended for other Smart City applications such as municipal water and waste management. IoT2cell, an industrial IoT version of PublicEye, has more information.