• PublicEye revolutionized public safety when we mobilized it. We are doing it again by seamlessly integrating mobile devices with the secure cloud.  

NewsPublicEye revolutionized public safety when we mobilized it. We are doing it again by seamlessly integrating mobile devices with the secure cloud.

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PublicEye is a product that runs on every major smartphone and tablet. PublicEye provides collaboration, situational awareness, data fusion and many operational tools. Features include mapped objects such as 911 calls, real-time alerts, video surveillance and streaming, digital radio, multi-jurisdiction support, CAD, RMS and Twitter integration. Visit our events page to see us in person!


"An important aspect of a fire department is the ability to celebrate your traditions and still maintain the idea of innovation. PublicEye®, for us, is the most recent innovation we’ve had. It’s a technology that’s come at the right time."

Chief AchillesPortsmouth Fire

"With the iPad…[officers are] getting the information much quicker than they used to. This information is vital to the decisions they make so they can make fast, reliable, quick decisions at a moment’s notice."

Chief LavaleeLowell Police

"Anything that they needed to do remotely was all done from the device running through the PublicEye software. So this gave us an entire new dimension for the Boston Marathon that we never had before."

Officer WilderBrookline Police

"PublicEye allows everyone to be on the same page...it is absolute state of the art technology for public safety."

Chief BoyntonTownsend Fire

"Our engine can move out, supported by turn-by-turn directions after just one touch on the 911 call object on the map. Before we get there, we can even see photos and videos of the fire Tweeted by the residents and the neighbors. I cannot overemphasize the value of having another jurisdiction’s information in the hands of our first responders."

Chief WigginBedford Fire
PublicEye Supports Secret SOS™ Button on 3rd Party Apps

Third party apps can now implement a button to send a “Secret SOS” message to PublicEye.

The message can include text, photos and videos. The incoming SOS is seamlessly integrated into other PublicEye information including landline 911 calls, locations of patrol cars & ambulances, surveillance cameras, sex offenders, etc.

Secret SOS can be crucial in certain situations: a passenger in a rideshare car feeling threatened may not want to attract the driver’s attention with a voice call. The same goes for the host and guests of a B&B. One touch 911 is also supported.

In both cases, PublicEye will display the continuous GPS location of the victim at the central dispatch center, on the tablets in the patrol cars and the phones of the officers.

The use of PublicEye is not limited to Public Safety: critical response teams of educational institutions, rideshare companies and other private organizations can equally benefit from it. The SOS button could then connect to the internal teams and/or Public Safety.


The groundbreaking mobile solution for public safety is moving to the cloud.

PublicEye in the Cloud™ will use the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud, an open and flexible cloud platform that helps enable federal, state, local, and tribal governments to take advantage of the cloud while complying with key functional, compliance and security requirements.

“We are excited that PublicEye, the public safety mobile solution, will be built on the Azure Government Cloud. By combining the power of the cloud with PublicEye, public safety staff can better collaborate with each other so they can focus on serving citizens, ” said Rick Zak, Director of Justice & Public Safety, Microsoft.

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Latest news on PublicEye®

Pelham FD Launches PublicEye ® on Toughbook Computers

The fire department in Pelham, NH has deployed PublicEye to their fleet of Toughbook laptops, bringing new features to their previously underutilized devices. "We've gone from a system that was worth its weight in gold, to a system that now functions worth its weight in gold!"
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Police Chief in Lowell, MA Uses PublicEye® on a Smartphone


Superintendent Bill Taylor of the Lowell Police Department recently sat down with us to discuss his experiences using PublicEye. Learn why he says, "I have come to rely on the PublicEye platform daily. It’s really been a companion to me, and allows me, as the Police Chief, to very effectively monitor my organization – wherever I happen to be."

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PublicEye ® and Lowell PD Featured in StateTech Magazine

Craig StateTech

StateTech Magazine profiled three government agencies using mobile technology to enhance their work. Craig Withycombe of the Lowell PD is featured, sharing the benefits of PublicEye® for a mobile police force. “Our officers want iPads because they allow them to be much more mobile,” he says.

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Smithfield Upgrades to iPads with PublicEye ®

A small Rhode Island town is shaking up their approach to public safety. In an article in the Valley Breeze, The Smithfield Fire Department discusses their decision to upgrade to iPads equipped with PublicEye. “[PublicEye] has come a long way in helping public safety,” said Fire Chief Robert Seltzer.
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PublicEye ® Connects Fire Departments for Mutual Aid

Multijurisdictional Support and PublicEye
Multijurisdictional support is one of PublicEye's exclusive features. We interviewed Scott Wiggin, Chief of Bedford FD and Mark Boynton, Chief of Amherst FD. These two New Hampshire towns share a border, and both have implemented PublicEye on their phones and tablets.
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FEMA Rescue Drill Uses PublicEye ® Video Streaming

FEMA Drill Uses PublicEye
The Department of Homeland Security, FEMA, the US Army, the National Guard, and emergency responders came to New Hampshire to participate in one of the largest emergency exercises of its kind – and PublicEye was there providing video streaming and communications support.
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PublicEye ® Testimonial: Brookline MA Police Department

Brookline PD Using PublicEye
During the 2014 Boston Marathon, the Brookline PD deployed PublicEye on tablets and phones. The department was able to access live surveillance feeds from along the marathon route, see every officer's real-time location on the map, and share text, video, and photos with officers on the street.
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PublicEye ® Voted A Gold Star Product in Law Enforcement

LEPN Gold Star
Law Enforcement Product News released its Gold Star Top Products of 2013 and PublicEye is on the list! The criteria for the top twenty products is based on the most popular inquiries from its readers. We're very honored to have been one of the most requested products of the year!

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PublicEye® at IACP with Segway and CDW

Our team went to IACP 2014, the largest law enforcement conference in the world! This year we unveiled Publiceye in the Cloud, our new solution hosted on the Microsoft Azure Government Cloud. We were also showcased at the CDW booth, and Segway displayed their i2 Patrollers armed with PublicEye. 
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PublicEye ® Streaming and Surveillance at Boston Marathon

PublicEye Boston Marathon Runners
At the 2014 Boston Marathon, the Brookline Police used PublicEye on iPads and phones to view real-time 911 calls, stream live video, and view the locations of their officers. They were even able to view Athenx Rapidly Deployable Camera surveillance feeds right from their PublicEye devices.

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Why NH Firefighters Replaced Their Technology

FireFighters Car Fire

A CITEWorld article examines why the Bedford Fire Department in NH chose to update their aging technology with iPads armed with PublicEye. "I can't stress how much it has made things much more efficient for the fire department to do it this way," said Lt. Lambert of Bedford.

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PublicEye ® Now Available on Toughbook Computers

Toughbook Computers

The groundbreaking PublicEye mobile platform is now expanding to Toughbook computers! Its unprecedented power comes from leveraging today’s mobile devices. PublicEye runs on your existing ruggedized computers, and all iOS, Android, or Windows 8/RT devices.

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