PublicEye Overview

PublicEye is ideal for any city department that can benefit from geo collaboration. They include fire, police, EMS, municipal water, waste management, transportation and city mapping.

PublicEye is not limited to operations within a single department; they can collaborate with each other to serve their city even better. This vision extends to neighboring jurisdictions working as a seamless unit with the potential of a single connected ecosystem serving a whole region. Never before has collaboration between departments and cities been so easy.

Just as important as collaboration is the seamless integration of IoT (Internet of Things) into PublicEye. The rapid deployment of IoTs has far reaching implications such as the early detection of floods or wildfires, reaching heart attack victims in time and protecting infrastructure from hazardous materials.

Smart City Use Cases

Police & Fire

Use unprecedented collaboration and situational awareness to quickly and efficiently respond to 911 calls or IoT reported incidents.


IoTs can be used to detect leaks and overflows. PublicEyes task management features can be used to quickly respond to those situations.


Augment on-site EMTs with the use of live video from the incident site or ambulance to remote doctors.

Disaster Mitigation

IoT sensors detect flood levels and immediately notify appropriate personnel in multiple departments.

PublicEye Features

Cutting edge simplicity

  • Ergonomically designed for field use
  • Advanced object management with auto-culling
  • Extensible UI using applet architecture
  • If you can use an iPhone or Google Maps, you can use PublicEye

When something happens, it happens

  • Map-centric user interface
  • Esri base map integration/ArcGIS
  • Powerful location-based services engine
  • Real-time GPS locations of people, drones, vehicles, etc.

Data fusion portal

Connector architecture to virtually any data source

  • Social Media
  • ShotSpotter
  • IoT and Digital Twins
  • IoLST (Internet of Life Saving Things)


Cloud or department hosted

See the whole picture

  • Unprecedented situational and spatial awareness
  • Real-time alerts
  • Augmented Reality. You have to see this.
  • Video surveillance (cameras, drones, etc.)
  • Nearby hazards
  • Proximity based information (preplans, assets, events, etc.)
  • Social media integration
  • User-defined map object types and icons
  • IoT sensor information
  • City-wide operational visibility


  • Text, audio and video chatting
  • Message boards
  • Video broadcasting
  • Task and workflow management

Multi-jurisdiction support

  • Intra-city (between police, fire, EMS and other departments)
  • Inter-city (cities, counties, states and federal)
  • Public collaboration (city and residents)
  • CAD agnostic

Coming to a big screen near you!

Announcing universal support for all screens and devices

PublicEye will no longer be restricted to just mobile phones and tablets. It can be used on virtually any device and operating system. 911 dispatch, public works, city mapping and other city personnel and volunteers can now access PublicEye through existing office computers. Support of inexpensive laptops such as Chromebooks means you can do more with less.

PublicEye Architecture

Public Safety Architecture

Your CAD and RMS systems communicate with PublicEye to provide basic 911 and related information. PublicEye adds "augmented information" from other sources and presents it to the first responders on their mobile devices. This map centric CAD agnostic architecture supports advanced features such as multi jurisdiction support, data fusion engine, location based services, smart cities, IoT, Augmented Reality and more.


People calling 911






Single unified view of all data


Advanced user interface running on mobile and other platforms

Smart City Architecture

Public Safety is just one of the many smart city components that make up PublicEye. The diagram below illustrates the relationship between departments within a city, as well as the relationship between cities, state and federal agencies. Information from various sources is merged, and a unified view of that data is delivered to city employees based on their roles.


Information Sources


Data Fusion Engine


Delivery of Unified Data


License to innovate

A PublicEye license permits unlimited use for city employees and volunteers regardless of what department they work for. This promotes greater use and innovation among city employees and departments.

A fire department may be the first one in the city to deploy PublicEye. Then other departments can use it for their own purposes. For example, surveillance cameras placed by parks and rec for an event can easily be shared with police, fire and others.

PublicEye is a foundation for you to build innovative solutions and services.

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