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Gary Mueller, VP of Business Development Addressed New Hampshire Association of Counties

Zco Corporation’s PublicEye was demonstrated at the New Hampshire Association of Counties Conference. The event was held at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield, NH from October 27 to October 29, 2013. Gary Mueller, Vice President of Business Development Zco Corporation, along with the sheriff’s office of Merrimack County, NH presented PublicEye in the Country Club building on October 28, 2013.IMG_0791-1024x768.jpg

Mueller led a session on how police departments are benefiting from the use of smartphones and tablets. Mueller also demonstrated the capabilities of PublicEye – Zco’s public safety product.

PublicEye, an app developed for smartphones and tablets is designed for everyone in the public safety community. PublicEye overlays data important to you on a real-time map optimized for today’s visual, touch-based devices. The app architecture lets police, fire, and EMS departments from neighboring municipalities to seamlessly share data for mutual aid and response. Everyone can collaborate, interact, and communicate through PublicEye, right from the governor to mayors, police and fire chiefs, first responders, volunteers, and even the public.

The NHAC Annual Conference and Trade Show is an event that brings together new, innovative ways of collaboration and showcases best practices in order to help maximize government operations in the state of New Hampshire. Various training programs and products are demonstrated to the attendees.

More information on the 2013 NHAC Annual Conference and Trade Show: http://www.nhcounties.org/events.html. Each month, Zco hosts live online webinars demonstrating PublicEye. Each 45-minute webinar is free to attend and covers the benefits of mobilizing public safety as well as a features overview. To register, head to http://www.publiceyes.com/ and fill out the form at the top of the page.

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