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PublicEye-screenshot-300x225.pngReal Time Crime Center uses PublicEye® mobile device software to keep officers informed

Zco Corporation is offering PublicEye® to the Albuquerque, NM police department to add on in
its Real Time Crime Center (RTCC). PublicEye®
is one of the leading real-time mobile intelligence platforms for officers’ smartphones and tablets.

Albuquerque will be providing iPhones to their officers and iPads to its supervisors. PublicEye® enhances the varied capabilities of smartphones offering a prominent level of extensibility when both inside and outside police cruisers. With the PublicEye® Global Device Locator (GDL), the RTCC can locate each of the officers, and alert them through push notifications. The Headquarters will be able to send secure text messages, documents, and photographs to all officers and update the officers’ “Roll Call”. This is a private forum, which provides wanted photographs, various department announcements, and gives prominent event alerts.

“At the Real Time Crime Center, we have so much information at our fingertips and we need an efficient way to send that information to our officers in the field. We are excited to partner with Zco and put PublicEye® in the hands of our officers,” said T.J. Wilham, Real Time Crime Center Manager of the Albuquerque Police Department.

PublicEye® vividly shows critical and timely data to the first responders in the field. For Albuquerque, PublicEye® is developing location BOLOs (Be On the Look-Out) and pending warrants. With the help of the mobile devices, the officers can easily identify Watchpoints (directed patrol) and track the locations of fellow active responders.

“We are happy to be working with Albuquerque PD to further their Smart Policing Initiative. PublicEye® will tangibly improve the information flow between their headquarters and police officers,” said Gary Mueller, VP of Business Development at Zco Corporation.

PublicEye® is presently deployed for field trials as a part of the RTCC scheme that was announced in September 2012. At the RTCC, sworn officers at the center can view the name of a 911 caller in multiple databases. In turn, they can alert the first responders to any criminal background, restraining orders, mental health issues, or any other conditions that have been reported. Moreover, social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr accounts are constantly checked for potential leads to the reported incidents.  For more information on the RTCC, please see the Smart Policing Initiative website.

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