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Everyone remembers the tragic events that took place during the 2013 Boston Marathon. For the 2014 marathon, police departments responsible for the safety and security of participants and spectators wanted to be extra vigilant. 

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Part of this extra vigilance was the implementation of new technologies. One such technology used was PublicEye, and its streaming video and surveillance capabilities. 

boston-marathon-crowd.jpgOn the way to the finish line, 36,000 runners passed through eight separate municipalities, including the town of Brookline. As part of their security initiatives, the Brookline Police Department deployed a mobile command center next to the course on Beacon Street.

To augment existing fixed surveillance systems, the Brookline Police Department wanted to bring in rapidly deployable camera kits as well as use officers themselves as a highly mobile surveillance system. For the rapidly deployable cameras, kits from AthenX were used. In a short span of time, AthenX was able to set up these cameras at strategic locations not already covered by the existing camera system.

boston-marathon-2014-ipad-publiceye.pngBeyond the additional stationary cameras, the Brookline Police used iPads equipped with PublicEye, which allowed them to stream live video from any spot. For example, there were many 911 calls pertaining to suspicious persons during the event. Since PublicEye displays the locations of calls on a map on the iPad, the officer could quickly go to that location and stream video – even inside buildings out of reach of the static cameras.
In addition to streaming their own video, officers used PublicEye to view video streamed by fellow officers as well as from the AthenX cameras. Click the picture below to view our video on PublicEye's collaboration with the Brookline PD.
PE_Runners_on_Camera.pngPublicEye is a very powerful, highly mobile surveillance system. But that’s only a small part of what PublicEye is. Using PublicEye on their phones, everyone in public safety, from the police and fire chiefs, first responders, medical staff, volunteers, and the general public collaborate to perform their tasks. The vision extends to neighboring jurisdictions working as a single seamless unit.

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