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PublicEye®, a mobile intelligence platform developed by Zco Corporation for iPhone, iPad and Android devices, implemented version 2.1 this month. Apart from performance enhancements and minor graphical updates, three notable features offer further functionality and user-friendliness. They are Evidence Capture, Report Applet, and Nearby Objects.

Evidence Capture allows an officer to securely collect digital evidence from within PublicEye® and send it back to headquarters. With the applet, he or she can enter case numbers, location details, and digital photo evidence and securely transmit to HQ. Evidence Capture is an addition to a suite of PublicEye® applets that include a “Roll Call” information forum, CAMEO access, and diverse weather status views (Weather, Earthquakes, Floods, and Marine Traffic).

Evidence Capture

The upgraded Report Applet lets PublicEye® users create customized reports for their recurring needs. Report fields are completely customizable and can be created for Incident Reports, Structure Preplans, Truck Checks and more. With PublicEye®, any report can be generated as a form for on-the-go access.

Nearby Objects is a highly requested feature that is now in PublicEye® version 2.1. For any point of interest, such as a 911 call, structure, or hazard, a responder can set an adjustable radius (i.e. 500 feet/yards/miles) around the incident. The responder can choose to only display what is important to him or her, whether it be fire hydrants, hazmats, surveillance cameras, or outstanding warrants right from their mobile device.
Object Settings

The customizable Nearby Objects feature eliminates visual clutter on the map and supports focused situational awareness. Instead of displaying each fire hydrant listed on the map, a firefighter can opt to only view those within viable hose lay distance. In addition, he or she can be notified while passing any object of interest with the help of an audible alert and push notification.

“We have a lot of exciting news in the pipeline. Apple has received FIPS 140-2 validation for the iOS cryptographic modules, which is great news for mobile security. Along with the release of [PublicEye®] version 2.1, we anticipate exciting growth for PublicEye® and the state of technology in public safety,” says Gary Mueller, VP of Business Development at Zco Corporation.

About PublicEye®
PublicEye® is a mobile intelligence platform for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Public safety personnel can locate fire hydrants, building pre-plans, hazards, and 911 calls on a real-time map. CAD & RMS data is accessible with a touch. GPS locations of all responders are tracked, and fellow PublicEye® users can immediately interact via texts, pictures, and videos. For screenshots and a free webinar introduction, visit http://www.publiceyes.com/.

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