FDIC 2014 Wrap-Up

Eric Sun
The PublicEye Team had an absolute blast at FDIC 2014! The massive Fire Department Instructor’s Conference was held in Indianapolis, Indiana. Over 30,000 firefighters, fire chiefs, and families visited the event for a chance to see the apparatus, guest lecturers, and the newest in fire technology. The show was held in both the Lucas Oil Stadium (where the Indianapolis Colts play) and the Indianapolis Convention Center.


Our team held live demonstrations in Booth #8207 for hundreds of chiefs and firefighters, and enjoyed meeting these first responders from around the world. We were particularly pleased to see a significant shift towards embracing mobile technology. Last year, the fire departments we talked with were still working with MDTs, radio, and paper copies of pre-plans and city planning data. Now, almost everyone is leveraging their smart devices in some way and integrating tablets and phones into their daily operations.


Our favorite piece of new tech at the show was Google Glass. We’re excited about integrating Google Glass with our public safety product, PublicEye. We currently provide instant access to building pre-plans, fire hydrant locations, and surveillance camera feeds. A responder from their phone or tablet can also see real-time calls for service, broadcast their current location, and use the built-in camera to stream live video.


Google Glass and other wearables will continue to extend the functionalities of PublicEye by providing this critical data right to one’s eyes or wrist. If you’re interested in seeing a live presentation similar to the ones we had at our booth, sign up here!

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