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NOTE: As of February 2013, PolicePad and FireTab are now PublicEye®.

The iPad-based mobile information center for incident response and firefighter safety.

At this year’s Firefighter Training Conference (FDIC), which will be held in Indianapolis from April 16-21, we will be introducing FireTab, a new application for the iPad. The FireTab application, available for the web and iPad, allows firefighters to respond and adapt to incidents from a mobile-friendly, iPad-based information center.

With FireTab on the Apple iPad, fire departments have a comprehensive information portal with low initial cost, minimal maintenance, and the easiest graphical interface in the industry. FireTab provides quick fingertip access to important information for incident response and many other duties of the fire department.

All information in FireTab is displayed in real time. Firefighters can access information about hazardous material areas, buildings, and occupants quickly whether in or away from a vehicle. The department can find and map the nearest fire hydrants and water mains. FireTab also allows firefighters to see where help in the form of vehicles, personnel, and equipment is coming from and when it should arrive.

FireTab’s features are easily integrated with any department’s CAD and RMS platforms. It also includes a Terminal Emulator for traditional access. Since the iPad is lightweight, firefighters are able to carry FireTab during an emergency. The application can be used to take videos of an incident, whether it is undocked for portability or mounted to a vehicle.

FireTab App Firefighter

One of FireTab’s features, the FireCam, allows firefighters to track incidents by live-streaming the locations of fellow fighters. This feature can be utilized to help a fire department determine an approach to containing a fire or incident.

FireTab also allows users in the field to communicate with headquarters via multiple high-resolution video streams and group text messaging. The video streams can be saved for later review.

To celebrate FireTab’s release, we will be raffling off a free stay at our employee retreat in Maui, Hawaii. The raffle will be held at our booth (#5952) during FDIC.

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