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Massachusetts PD incorporates mobile devices with PublicEye® software to aid in enhancing public safety.

The Lowell, MA Police Department is furthering their mobilization initiative by arming their officers with iPhones and iPads. The department has gained remarkable advantages by using these devices with PublicEye® mobile software, and are in the process of increasing the department to more than 80 active users.PublicEye tablet installed as an MDC

The use of iPads directs the necessity for mobility, security, and computing power. Lowell Police Department went with iOS devices due to Apple’s secure app architecture and government security compliance. Apple has received FIPS 140-2 validation for their iOS cryptographic modules that apply to both iPhones and iPads. This enables the police departments to retain CJIS compliance and access sites like CJIS Web right from their mobile device.

As for power, iPads are not only a fraction of the cost of notebook PCs performing as mobile data terminals (MDTs), but also offer functionality both inside and outside the vehicle. This is where PublicEye® comes in – the single solution fully leverages the potentials of smart devices to provide an infinite range of features. “With PublicEye®, our officers can see the information they need both on an iPad and on their iPhones,” says Craig Withycombe, Lowell’s Management Information Systems Officer. “Why would I want to put a computer in their car when they can have it in their hands?”

PublicEye® visually brings information through a simple, touch-screen interface on a real-time map. When a 911 call comes in, it instantly pops up on the map. Tapping on it displays the full narration of the call, along with nearby hazards and previous calls at that location.

Further, the enterprise app leverages the in depth potentials of current mobile devices, such as the built-in camera and GPS to offer quick features like – turn-by-turn navigation and the locations of officers, both inside and outside the vehicle. Lowell PD will persist to increase its use of PublicEye® as its needs grow. For a short clip of Chief Ken Lavallee, click here.

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