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In public safety, there are a number of standardization efforts moving towards better information sharing and interoperability. Who knows how long it will take for this standard to emerge. We have good news: with PublicEye®, you can have multijurisdictional support today. Click on the image below to view our video.

We interviewed Scott Wiggin, Chief of the Bedford Fire Department and Mark Boynton, Chief of the Amherst Fire Department. Both of these New Hampshire towns use PublicEye to improve their departments.

Bedford and Amherst share a border and often work together for mutual aid. With PublicEye in their apparatus and on their smartphones, both departments have access to critical information anywhere, anytime.

When responding to calls in a neighboring town, out-of-town responders are in unfamiliar territory. What’s the fastest way to get to the call? Where are the nearby hazards or fire hydrants? Are there any building preplans available?

Even when using different CAD or RMS software, PublicEye allows Amherst and Bedford to seamlessly share the locations of their incidents and objects. Out-of-town responders now have access to the same information as that of a local official. If a home fire on the Bedford side of Amherst is called in, an automatic response is triggered in Bedford. Similarly, if a Bedford business is on fire on the Amherst side of town, the Amherst fire department will automatically be notified.

“I cannot overemphasize the value of having another jurisdiction’s information inthe hands of our first responders,” said Scott Wiggin. The town's engines are can access turn-by-turn directions with one touch after the 911-call appears on the map. Before they even arrive, responders can see photos and video of the fire tweeted by the residents and neighbors.

When the engine arrives, they can see other town’s building preplans and the locations of nearby hazards and fire hydrants. Chief Boynton lauds, “…PublicEye is the absolute state of the art technology for public safety.”


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