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When the Pelham Fire Department learned about PublicEye from neighboring jurisdictions, they immediately saw the benefits of adopting our mobile solution. PublicEye offered them the chance to mobilize their operations and join a growing network of police and fire departments in the area.

Thanks to the Assistance to Firefighters Grant, Pelham had a fleet of brand new Panasonic Toughbook computers, each placed in removable mounts in their vehicles. Chief Midgley, Lieutenant Atwood, and other command staff also deployed PublicEye on their smartphones, gaining access to happenings throughout the department, anytime and anywhere. (To learn more about winning public safety grants, check out part one and two of our grants series!)

Watch our 2-minute video below to see how PublicEye has become the complementary “brains” to the Toughbooks’ brawn.

With PublicEye on his phone, Chief Midgley stays updated on everything in the department - even from home. Here is a list of just a few of the details the chief can access from his smartphone:
  • Real-time locations of his vehicles and personnel
  • All of the current calls for service, with narration, caller details, and any further updates typed by the dispatcher
  • Locations of all fire hydrants, structures, helicopter landing zones, boat launch sites, special needs, and more
  • Real-time tweets anywhere in the city
With Pelham’s old system, their new Toughbook computers and other technologies were underutilized. Rather than improving efficiency and outcomes, the technology was gathering dust. With PublicEye, the technology becomes the center of information, creating a web of connectivity to improve response times and situational awareness.

When responding to a call, time is the most valuable resource. If getting the information requires navigating through multiple windows or poring through text, it takes too long and won’t be used – think of three-ring binders in the back of the truck! Lieutenant Atwood lauds, “With PublicEye, we were able to train 18 people on the system in one day.” As we like to say - if you know how to use a smartphone or Windows 8 device, you know how to use PublicEye!

Something that makes us beam with pride was the praise given to our PublicEye support team. See what Lt. Atwood had to say below.

PublicEye has been specifically crafted for public safety, and each of our implementations focuses on the custom information your department wants to mobilize. If you haven’t seen it yet, check out our easy PublicEye User Interface and send us a note with what you think!

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