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Zco Corporation is pleased to announce the demonstration of PublicEye throughout the first Police Innovation Conference. The conference was held on September 16th and 17th, 2013 at the Microsoft New England Research & Development Center. Gary Mueller, VP of Business Development, held the presentation on both days in the Level 2 Lexington Room.

Mr. Mueller presented “Smartphones and Tablets: Enabling Smart Policing.” This breakout session explained the advances in mobile technology and how they can enhance operations and emergency response. Discussions were held on topics such as – the prevailing state of mobile device video streaming, improved GPS abilities, current CJIS specifications for mobile devices, and surveillance systems.

Public Safety Platform

PublicEye is an app for smartphones and tablets, uniquely developed for those in the public safety community. Using a Graphical User Interface (GUI), PublicEye covers all important public safety data on a visual map. The application architecture provides users with multi-jurisdictional support, which lets fire, police, and neighboring municipalities share data for mutual aid and response. Everybody from the governor to the mayors, police and fire chiefs, first responders, volunteers, and even the public can operate collectively for public safety.

The Police Innovation Conference displayed cutting-edge technological advancements in law enforcement through presentations and committees. Command staff, IT-staff, individual departments, and new organizations came together to discuss the future of law enforcement over the two-day event.


For more information on the Police Innovation Conference and the schedule, visit http://www.policeinnovationconference.com. For more information on PublicEye, visit our product page at http://www.publiceyes.com.

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