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NOTE: As of February 2013, PolicePad and FireTab are now PublicEye®.

The November issue of Police Magazine features a cover story by Melanie Basich titled “Tablets: The Handheld Option.” The article explores the practicality of tablets, such as Apple’s iPad, as a law enforcement tool.PolicePad Screenshot

Tablets offer important basic tools such as calendars, email, and a camera with live streaming capability. A high quality camera enables a faster analysis of a scene with the ability to instantly share it with other officers. The article gives the example of iPads recording security footage directly from a store clerk’s video rather than taking the time to extract it. The footage captured by the iPad is then available to be used throughout the remainder of the investigation.

Although the use of a tablet is beneficial in its own right, the standard technology can be improved upon to meet the needs of a law enforcement department. Zco Corporation recognized the demand and the potential of a better alternative and developed the revolutionary public safety tool PolicePad. PolicePad is a mobile application designed for law enforcement officials. It allows for mobility and simplified communication between officers and dispatch. Among other features, the tool includes access to 911 calls, exact locations of reports, information on sex offenders and live video streaming.

“It’s almost like Compstat, but on an individual officer level,” says Lowell PD’s Craig Withycombe in the article. Each officer has the ability to access information on a case-by-case basis without having someone else prepare the information beforehand to make it accessible. “If you have a call that a young girl disappeared from a park, you can see where sex offenders live in regard to the geographical location,” Withycombe says. “That is huge.”

Zco’s VP of Business Development works closely with individual departments to calibrate PolicePad to their specific needs. Plans for updates are a constant focus as integration and feature ideas continue to come into light.

PolicePad is currently available for use on iPads, iPhones, and Android smartphones.

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