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iPad on Segway

Imagine taking your foot patrol to the next level, literally. The stand-on vehicle adds 8’’ of additional height to its rider for extra visibility and presence, can slip between parked cars, and can cruise nearly anywhere at up to 12.5 mph. Patrol routes can be expanded and made more efficiently, responders can be at full energy during a crisis, and the Segway Patrollers efficiently serves as an icebreaker with community citizens.
Further, an iPad, Android, or Windows 8 tablet is attached to the accessory bar and is outfitted with the powerful mobile software, PublicEye. Right from the tablet, you can see the entire breakdown of hazards, incidents, and objects in your entire jurisdiction. Collaborate and communicate with the rest of the department through a beautiful interface custom-built for public safety. See something or someone suspicious? A picture is worth a thousand words; what about live streaming video? Right from the tablet or your handheld phone, initiate a feed that can be viewed by everyone in the department.
PublicEye Software on Segway Patrol
The vehicle and software are both real. Earlier this week, our Creative Director, Matt Henry, and I headed over to the Segway Headquarters in Bedford, New Hampshire. We were excited to meet another NH business that has positively disrupted public safety through an efficient, versatile means of transportation, and combine it with the benefits of mobile PublicEye software.

Segway was founded in 1999 with the mission of developing dynamically stabilized, highly maneuverable, zero emission personal transport vehicles. Their vehicles have made waves for consumers, businesses, and certainly Public Safety, where their vehicles are deployed in over 1,500 police departments and public safety organizations around the world.
One of our PublicEye departments, the Lowell PD, purchased Segway Patrollers and wanted to maintain their mobile access to PublicEye.

Chip MacDonald, Segway General Manager of Global Patrol, Gov Biz and Robotics, gave us a tour of the facility and let us snap choice shots of a PublicEye iPad Mini mounted on a Segway i2 Patroller!
Eric infront of Segway HQ
Both Segway and Zco Corporation were at Orlando, Florida this week for the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) show. For more about Segway in Public Safety, including their new Segway SE-3 Patroller, click here. For more about PublicEye, watch our 5-minute Overview Video, or play with our Interactive UI!

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