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Natural disasters cause havoc throughout the world and are known for the extensive damage they can cause. Because of this, it is important for emergency management personnel to be able to effectively assess the extent of the damage. This will help them determine how and where resources should be deployed to protect lives, save property, and provide other essential services.

In Lowell, MA, the Merrimack River and the city’s canals continue to rise causing the city to being to flood. Excess water pours out into the streets and drowns the park benches that sit along the river’s edge. Roads become blocked and citizens are trapped. Responding to citizen’s calls for help, with the reports of widespread flooding, the emergency operations center is activated. Police and firefighters are deployed to assist citizens in need and begin windshield assessments to survey the damages and get information back to the EOC.

By using PublicEye’s video streaming capabilities, they can now stream video feeds of the current flooding conditions and the surrounding damages. Through this stream, the EOC can effectively see the extent of the flooding. Greatly supplementing the descriptions provided by deployed personnel over the radio. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a panoramic live feed from PublicEye is worth ten thousand. Windshield assessments are now viewed remotely, enabling more effective emergency management decisions.

Even other officers and firefighters are able to see these same flood conditions as they deploy to participate in a variety of emergency operations. There are many situations where streaming video would be extremely useful to officers and firefighters alike. This is made possible with the use of today’s mobile devices with built in cameras and video streaming capabilities using 4G wireless data networks.

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