Eric Sun

It’s just another normal day at the local market. As the man goes up to the register to purchase his drink, he kindly greets the cashier. The cashier gladly wrung up the order and opened the register to give the man his change. As the cashier turns to the customer, a sudden chill of fear runs through her spine.

“GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY!” the man shouts. As the cashier is trembling and she gets the money out of the register. When the bag is filled with money, the man rushes out the door, leaving the cashier in shock.

The cashier quickly calls the police and in a few moments an officer arrives. After the officer gets details of the robbery from the cashier, he asks to see the surveillance footage.

As the surveillance footage plays, the cashier stops the video on the suspect’s face. The officer takes out his PublicEye® and snaps a picture of the suspect using the camera. With the camera, an officer can quickly take pictures, video, or stream live feed, and send them to other officers quickly and easily. With these advancements in mobile technology, the officer uses Group MMS to fill out a BOLO (be on the lookout) description and attaches the photo of the suspect to quickly dispatch information to all other officers.

Within seconds, two officers sitting in a police car a few blocks away receive an MMS message on their PublicEye, showing the BOLO of the man who robbed the store. Suddenly, they notice a man walking down the street matching the photo and description from the MMS message. The man, unaware that he has been caught on camera, and is a known suspect, pays no attention the police cruiser as he casually walks by. The officers approach the armed man and apprehend him before he can get away. With the quickness of PublicEye, the suspect is now being taken downtown to be booked. Why go through the hassle of taking hours to gather surveillance footage, disperse information, and send out resources to apprehend the suspect when it can be done in seconds by using the camera and a simple MMS group message?

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