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PublicEye® is a comprehensive mobile application designed for public safety (Police, Fire & EMS) from Zco Corporation. The app is currently available for iOS (the Apple iPhone and iPad series) and Android devices. Zco proudly announced support for Windows 8 & RT smartphones and tablets at the first Police Innovation Conference held on September 16-17 at Microsoft’s New England R&D Center. These devices, such as Surface tablets and Windows phones will be able to access PublicEye for law enforcement and emergency response.PublicEye on Tablet

Enterprises that use smartphones and tablets experience rapid response times, enhanced output, and financial savings. These benefits are now open for everyone in public safety – various communities have already advanced through PublicEye’s capacity to provide and share info. PublicEye creates a world where public safety runs on smartphones. From the governor to the mayors, police and fire chiefs, first responders, volunteers, and even the public, each one works collectively for public safety.

PublicEye offers situational intelligence by visually presenting information sources such as CAD/RMS data, public and private databases, surveillance systems, and social media feeds. On a real-time map, PublicEye users can be alerted about incoming 911 calls and immediate hazards, which can range from gang hangouts and outstanding warrants to directed patrol points and customizable buildings of interest.

The mobile app architecture enables transparent and instantaneous information sharing. Command staff and officers can view each PublicEye user location and send texts, pictures and stream video. Multi-jurisdictional support allows police, fire, and neighboring jurisdictions access to the same information for mutual aid and response. With new Windows 8 & RT support, municipalities can implement an extensive range of mobile devices without any issues of compatibility or fear of compromising security. PublicEye will be available on Windows RT by end of Q1 2014.

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