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PublicEye is now Windows 8/ RT compatible, which means PublicEye will run smoothly on your fleet’s current crop of Toughbook computers or other rugged laptops. It is also accessible from the desktop PC’s of dispatchers and in-precinct officer, which will allow for a better flow of information and communication between the patrol car and the precinct.
Toughbook PE

What is a Toughbook? These days, the word “toughbook” is often used to mean a rugged laptop regardless of brand, much like “Xerox” or “Kleenex”. The Toughbook is a Panasonic brand of ruggedized laptop designed for use by responders in the field. There are dozens of manufacturers that produce rugged laptops; Getac, Lenovo, and others produce laptops with protective shells that will withstand the wear and tear of the road. They are more resistant to vibration, extreme temperatures, and wet or dusty conditions. These laptops are often mounted to the dash of fire engines, cruisers, or ambulances. Semi-rugged laptops are becoming more popular, as they have some of the durability of fully rugged laptops at a lower price point.

There has been a shift to using smartphones and tablets in the field, as they are lighter, more portable than their laptop predecessors, and provide built in GPS and cameras for in-field functionality. However, whichever technology you have access to, PublicEye is a benefit to any mobile officer.

Officers watching surveillance

PublicEye is a platform that allows police, fire, and EMS personnel to leverage mobile technology and social media for public safety. No matter which system you use for your CAD/RMS, PublicEye will integrate with it to provide a higher level of communication and situational awareness for those in the field. Take a look at our 5-minute public overview to see the basics of how PublicEye enhances a first responder’s time in the field.  

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