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Whenever the team demonstrates PublicEye, we receive praise on our easy-to-use, simple interface. We understand that a product needs to not only be functional, but also clean, responsive, and intuitive. Now, you can explore the features and information accessible anywhere, anytime with a simulated tablet.
What is PublicEye? If you’re new to PublicEye, we recommend viewing our 5-minute overview. Welcome to a world where public safety runs on phones and tablets. Law enforcement, fire safety, and EMS can use PublicEye to collaborate, access critical real-time information, and perform their tasks. This vision extends to neighboring jurisdictions working as a single seamless unit.

Play with PublicEye by clicking the image below. Click or hover over each icon to learn all about our all-in-one mobile solution.


A sampling of the features you can learn more about:

  • 911 Call Narration: Where is the latest call? Are there nearby hazards or previous calls at that location?
  • Broadcast your GPS Location: Can I broadcast my real-time location from my phone?
  • Live Video Streaming: Using built-in device cameras, can I securely send photos and video to team members and command staff?
  • Accessing Surveillance Camera Feeds: Can I remotely access camera feeds from my phone or tablet?
  • Multi-jurisdiction Support: If both the Police/Sheriff and Fire Department come onboard, can we share information with each other? What about a neighboring department with different existing CAD/RMS software?
  • Persons of Interest/Fire Hydrants: Can I import my existing databases, such as sex offenders, restraining orders, fire hydrant locations, and building pre-plans for use in PublicEye?

Please note that the interface is of the Apple iPad version, but PublicEye also runs natively on iPhone, Android, and Windows 8 phones, tablets, and ruggedized notebooks. For more information, such as testimonials, a web demo or meeting, or a budgetary quote, call us at (603) 881-9191!

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