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NOTE: As of February 2013, PolicePad and FireTab are now PublicEye®.

Hudson, New Hampshire and Chesterfield, Missouri. — October 20, 2011 — Zco Corporation, developer of PolicePadTM, an iPad based multi-functioning law enforcement tool for police officers in the field and Larimore Associates, a leading provider of Computer Aided Dispatch Systems, announces they will work closely to make their products interoperable with each other. Customers will realize unprecedented choice and flexibility through improved interoperability between these systems.

Larimore’s CAD systems provide a high degree of automation for the critical processes in the medium and large size police departments. On the other hand, PolicePad, by using the latest mobile technologies, provides access to information for the officers in the field through an easy to use touch/voice interface. By integrating PolicePad with Larimore CAD systems, officers can see, instantly, the location and details of 911 calls and other incidents. One factor that makes this possible is the highly customizable architecture of the Larimore system.

About Zco Corporation
Zco Corporation is one of the largest custom mobile software developers in the world. In addition to developing apps for all the major mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone and Symbian, the company has significant expertise in enterprise applications and high-end 3D animation and games. The company is headquartered in Hudson, New Hampshire with worldwide facilities.

About Larimore Associates, Inc.
Larimore Associates, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated public safety solutions. The company was founded in 1970 and continues to be one of few companies in the industry providing customized software solutions for its clients. Its products include Computer Aided Dispatch and a wide array of Records Management Systems, encompassing 30 + modular applications such as: Incident/Accident Reporting, Arrest/Jail Management, Scheduling, Internal Affairs, and Case Management systems. The company is headquartered in the St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield, MO.


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