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PublicEye®Zco Corporation’s public safety products, including PolicePad, FireTab, PolicePhone and FirePhone, now come under a single, unified product name, PublicEye®.

“The new name better describes the vision behind our product line and eliminates brand fragmentation,” according to Gary Mueller, Vice President of Business Development for the public safety products.

PublicEye® is a real-time mobile intelligence platform for police, fire and emergency medical services. Using PublicEye®, first responders can access critical data for optimizing emergency response operations. Some of that data has been bottled up in back-end systems but until PublicEye® could never be accessed in time to help save property and lives. Other data is now available for first responders from sources never accessible before. This includes information from websites, live video and surveillance systems, and even social media.

Every first responder, using a secure link, uses their iPhone, iPad or Android device to monitor 911 calls as they occur on a real-time map and in a list, and with one touch gets complete details. Other incidents and objects, such as sex offenders’ residences, HazMat sites, condemned buildings, or other points of interest, can be superimposed on the map. It even helps police, fire and EMS to interoperate with each other within their own communities or with their counterparts in adjacent communities.

Along with the name change, PublicEye® brings the general public into policing, firefighting and emergency medical services like never before. At a house fire, for example, a neighbor calls 911 and takes a photo (or video) and uploads it to her Twitter (or YouTube or Flickr) account. The Twitter icon appears next to the 911 icon on the responders’ PublicEye® device. First responders and chiefs see the photo with one touch.

Public safety departments can initiate tweets and other social media postings to warn, inform and educate the community. Road closings or travel restrictions can be communicated quickly to a wide audience. Officers can take pictures of suspects right from surveillance video and send a group MMS to other officers to be on the lookout. They can even watch live surveillance video from schools and other public buildings.

When it comes to public safety, PublicEye® gives police, fire and EMS departments the power to do more with less.

About PublicEye®
PublicEye® is a mobile intelligence platform for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Public safety personnel can locate fire hydrants, building pre-plans, hazards, and 911 calls on a real-time map. CAD & RMS data is accessible with a touch. GPS locations of all responders are tracked, and fellow PublicEye® users can immediately interact via texts, pictures, and videos. For screenshots and a free webinar introduction, visit http://www.publiceyes.com/.

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